🔍Word Search

Find Meowmon names in the grid!

In Word Search, you have to find Meowmon names in the grid. Note that this is the only game, that starts automatically, without you having to press Start actively. To compensate some reaction time for that, instead of regular 90 seconds, you have 93 seconds to find the words.

The words can be found in the grid in 6 different ways:

  • Horizontal

  • Vertical

  • Diagonal

  • Horizontal (reverse)

  • Vertical (reverse)

  • Diagonal (reverse)

To mark a found word, simply click and hold with the mouse and move it over the letters you want to mark. Same applies to phone users - just use your finger, hold it down on the first letter and move it to the last.

While marking the letters, you will see the letters marked in orange. When you release the mouse or your finger and the word you found is correct, the letters will turn white.

If you're having trouble finding Meowmon names, or you're new to Meowmon and don't know most of them, you can click the button that says "Show words". Clicking that will open a popup, that shows all words/names, that are hidden in the grid. It will also show the names you already found in a crossed through way.

Please note that opening the popup and checking the names will NOT stop the timer.

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