âœĻMeowmon Features

This page describes the features of the Meowmon website and the benefits of enjoying your own Meowmon.

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Collect Meowmons

First of all, you can collect your Meowmons. They are adorable little creatures and every NFT collector should own one.

Learn about your Meowmons

You can visit the Meowdex anytime to know more about your Meowmons. Each and every Meowmon is a unique piece with a name and a number. Every Meowmon features a description of itself, an HP (Health Points) quantity and a certain amount of Attack Damge. Every Meowmon also has a distinct ability, that deals a specified amount of damage.

Last but not least, every Meowmon has an assigned type, like water, fire, grass or psycho.

Fight in the arena

In the arena, you can fight against other Meowmon Trainers. If you win, you earn Meowpoints - increasing them will bring you to the top of the Leaderboard!

You can find more info at Arena.

Catch Meowmons

After every battle you won, you can use a Meowcatcher to catch the Mystic Meowmon Chameowleon! You have a 1% chance to catch it with every usage.

You can find more info at Catch Meowmon

Craft Meowmons from bones

You can use Mystic Bones to craft certain Bone Fragments. Once you collected all required Bone Fragments, you can craft the Mystic Meowmon Skeletorix.

You can find more info at Craft Bones


The more Meowmons you own and the more battles you win, the higher you will rise on the Leaderboard, leading your way to be the best Meowmon Trainer in the whole Meowniverse!

You can find more info at Leaderboard

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